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Akhilesh Shukla (Co-Founder)

Background as a mechanical engineer from a top-rated institution in India, coupled with over 25 years of rich experience in civil constructions, planning, erection, and commissioning of multi-million dollar HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) projects.

With over two decades of experience and extensive expertise in managing HVAC projects from planning through commissioning, my background includes overseeing timelines, budgets, and ensuring the successful execution of large-scale projects with financial acumen. I have encountered and navigated various regulatory and compliance requirements in the construction and HVAC industry. Over the years, I have gained significant experience in leading and managing teams, fostering collaboration, and ensuring the successful completion of projects.

The operational processes are what drives the business

It focuses on executing the strategic plans and ensuring the smooth running of core functions to achieve the company's objectives.

Rajeev Shukla (Co-Founder)

An Industrial and Production engineer from a top-rated institution in India, bringing over 25 years of extensive experience in Manufacturing, Quality Control, and Information Technology. My domain expertise spans Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Consumer Goods, and Automotive Manufacturing industries, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of the distinct challenges and nuances within each sector.

With over 25 years of executive experience, I have excelled as a SAP Manufacturing Principal Consultant. My specialization includes data transformation, validation migration, and cut-over management, with proficiency in designing, developing, and deploying manufacturing solutions within the SAP environment. I have consistently demonstrated a proven ability to lead and manage teams effectively, delivering results within tight timelines. My expertise also extends to data transformation migration, integration, and cut-over management.