Strategic Blueprint for MAA Bricks

Focused on environmentally conscious practices, we aim to implement more energy-efficient kiln technologies, minimize human intervention and increase technological usage in the traditional industry, adhering to the relevant Indian Standard IS 1077:1992.

Red Clay Bricks About MAA Red Clay Bricks

A Commitment to Understanding and Excellence

MAA Red Clay Bricks are a traditional building material in construction, primarily made from natural clay by applying a technology-oriented approach to traditional industry methods. They are cleaned, crushed, and mixed with other materials like sand to create a homogeneous mixture.

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BricksBringing Your Brand to Life

MAA bricks are fired in kilns at required high temperatures, typically between 900 and 1100 degrees Celsius, using coal as the primary fuel to give them high strength and durability.
The porous nature of the bricks allows them to absorb and release moisture, contributing to the regulation of humidity inside buildings. They are used in various construction applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Fly-Ash BricksAbout Fly-Ash Bricks

AMLAN fly ash bricks are made by using fly ash, a waste product generated from the combustion of coal in thermal power plants. Fly ash is mixed with other materials such as lime, gypsum, and cement, compacted, moulded to form bricks, and cured for a specific period to gain strength.

Focused on BIS IS 12894:2002 ,environmental benefits, cost-effectiveness compared to traditional clay bricks, and reduced energy consumption in the manufacturing of lightweight, uniform size, high-strength, and durable bricks, suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.